Transforming your business the Agile way

At EM-PLY, we provide consultancy services to individuals and corporate organisations on agile transformation, training and resourcing. We are obsessively passionate about what we do and aim to provide our clients with the best possible services within the industry, leveraging on the ever changing pace of technology, social and economic demands. At EM-PLY, transformation leveraging on technology is our core competence.

Our Services

As an agile company, we believe business leaders must strive for continuous improvement. An honest assessment of where it is ranked between critical agile success factors is indicative of the ability to succeed in an overall agile transformation. Our agile transformation experts have developed a standard rating scale based on the best agile practices that can help determine where your business needs to improve on.

We ensure value creation for our customers as the ultimate goal of each engagement.

First, we help your organization to understand the areas of improvement with an agile assessment. This will be a self-assessment, interactive, and auto-scoring.

If, after completing the evaluation, you want to analyse your unique challenges and understand the added value you will derive by fixing such problems, an EM-PLY expert will be happy to provide you with a debrief and consultation.

As Agile Transformation consultants, many of our clients:

  • Are intending to scale Agile across teams and wider
  • Have tried and faltered on the road to realizing Agile benefits.
  • Have Agile Transformation as a major business initiative this year

Businesses and technology working together create significant benefits for organisations, whether intangible or tangible. We look holistically at the organisation and apply the right levels of skills and experience to maximise the synergy between business and technology.

We have already helped many organisations to advance initiatives, hoping to help you too.