About Us

We're a Team. We're a Family. We're em-ply

We are a reputable consulting firm focused on helping individuals and businesses to be Agile. We offer consultancy services to companies on agile transformation, providing training, IT  services and help put resources in vacant roles.

EM-PLY serve as educators, leaders, and champions while being a central hub where Agile professionals share their knowledge, ideas, opinions and experiences with others who seek to learn and advance Agile best practices.

We strive to help our clients to cultivate capabilities that enable them to identify the most important initiatives or opportunities and respond in a timely, effective and sustainable manner. We help companies change perceptions and generate business value through the use of agile principles to react and learn from external events, innovate technically and organizationally, and plan and execute new business plans.

Why Choose Us

We ensure our clients succeed with Agility to accelerate time to market, manage changing priorities, increase productivity, reduce risk, align business and development goals, and improve team morale. We are consistently committed to providing high-quality solutions and services, which sets us apart from other competitors.

“As an agile organisations, teams and team members, we must constantly question what could be better in order to continually improve.”

Our Values


We are committed to the integrity and respect of the individual. Also, all our employees are committed to a high level of ethics to ensure that only unbiased, high-quality information is included on our site. It is strictly forbidden for editorial team members to select or edit articles written by individuals or companies in which they have personal or financial interests. Also, our paying advertisers do not influence the content, and any advertising content is identified as such.

Our Vision


Realising the need to offer our clients a scalable, full-service solution that will meet their business needs, our Agile Consulting team will be pleased to partner with any company that has materially helped with the progression of Agile adoption within the business community

Mission Statement


Our mission is to help organisations achieve agility. With the ever-changing pace of technology, legislation, customer demands and market conditions, we are committed to providing organisations with expert advice through agile consultation services, testing services, training and managed service.